‘A maze is a house built purposely to confuse men… In that palace that I imperfectly explored, the architecture had no purpose. There were corridors that led nowehere, unreachably high windows, grandly dramatic doors that opened onto monklike cells or empty shafts, incredible upside down staircases… I was accompanied by the constant fear that when I emerged from the last labyrinth I would be surrounded once again by the abominable City of the Immortals.’

- Jorge Luís Borges

The Lily


I left a sign with a candle In the streetlight that shone below, Where through the night The people dance in linen and smoke. I still remember her song in my head, Each palm in time, Every face in that light, As their mouths bellowed.

Now they tell me she’s just vanished, Some other place by the sea. But to me she was banished, By herself not by me. And though I still remember, The streetlights are low, Now dull in the night  And the dance has gone quiet, But the sea still bellows.

See the island on fire, And the towers align; Built in silos of sea Underneath every street. Lily spoke of a city’s bones, An ancient rubble of time and stone, Where the walls tremor under the sky, Covered day after day by the tide, Could I save them if I tried? If only I could.

We shine our light across the ocean, A Troy this city has burned. We shine our light across the ocean, A fire on ships will return, We shine our light.